Can I place my Picnic Folk wares in the dishwasher?
Our painted Picnic Folk wares are not dishwasher safe as the paint will damage. The chrome wares are perfectly safe for the dishwasher.
Can I place my Picnic Folk wares in the microwave?
Our items are made from food grade stainless steel so are not microwave safe.
How do I care for my Picnic Folk wares?
Hand washing using soapy water and a soft sponge will further their longevity.
Are my wares suitable for hot contents?
Due to the nature of the enamel paint, our wares are not suitable for hot contents. 
How do I use my Tiffin?
 There are many uses for your new tiffin but some of our favourites include:
  • To separate your salad components, keeping them fresh and crisp.
  • A great way to divide snacks for you or your kids (we send our little-ones to day-care with theirs!)
  • As a picnic box for yummy homemade dips, veggie sticks and crackers.
  • We love to use our Taj stacks as matching serving bowls.
  • Tiffin bowls are also the perfect size for yummy breakfasts and lunches.
    Do you wholesale?
    We certainly do, head over to our Wholesale page to find out more.
    Do you ship Internationally?
    We most definitely can. Please email us for a quote.
    Email: info@picnicfolk.com