Our Product

A Colorful Journey

 Picnic Folk was born from a desire to find reusable, durable and colorful kitchen/picnic wares in a market that we felt was lacking. 

 Each of our wares are hand-painted in Kashmir by an older-generation of incredibly talented and traditional artists. Our artists work from the comfort of their own homes, allowing for flexibility and having been in business for 126 years they offer multi-generational employment, keeping the traditions close to their hearts.

 We work closely and keep in regular contact with our suppliers in Kashmir and are proud to know that each purchase helps to preserve what is an otherwise dying art. Not to mention supporting the lives of those in a very unstable political environment.


No two Motifs are alike! (Our honesty disclaimer)

 Exquisite and traditional motifs, hand painted by incredibly talented artisans means one thing. No two items are identical. We think this makes them pretty special.

 Our wares are hand painted and have travelled from India. This means every item purchased is truly unique, however it also means that from time to time there can be small imperfections. These distinctive details are the ones that truly tell the story of The Tradition and the journey your wares have taken.


 Care for the wares

 Please note that our wares are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand washing them using a soft sponge will further their longevity. Please also note that none of our wares are suitable for hot contents.